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Looking for a school song? composes a unique school song with a catchy melody and memorable lyrics for every school. A school song by captures your school’s identity and unifies students and staff during every celebration on school. The school song can also be used to promote your school and to mark special occasions.

It’s also possible to order a dance choreography video and a promotion video of your school on our website. Take a look at our portfolio to hear the songs we’ve already made and to see the video’s from other schools. is based in The Netherlands but also makes English school songs for International schools and primary schools all over the world.

Looking for a school song?

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Custom made school song. How does it work?

Have your own school song made by The writing and recording of a school song is very personal and also time-consuming. The lyrics should cover your school’s identity, be memorable and the music has to be composed and recorded

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If you want to order a school song, you can choose from four packages. Depending on your personal preference or budget, you can choose a package that suits you best.

About us

About us

Laurens van Vliet and Maarten Appel are the musical founders of They are both working as a teacher at a primary school in The Netherlands. Besides that they share a profound passion for music. The ideal combinaties for a


“As a school, we are very happy with our new school song! It’s hip, modern, contemporary and very happy! The lyrics fit exactly at our school. Both the song, the video clip and the dance instruction video are enthusiastically received by the children and the parents of our school.”

School song primary school Fortgensschool, Voorschoten – The Netherlands

“Many thanks to Maarten and Laurens. They did an excellent job on composing our School song. The International Primary School Almere now has a lovely song to sing during assemblies and special days. Children are learning to sing it now and they already smile when they hear the first tones of our song.”

School song International Primary School Almere – The Netherlands