Laurens van Vliet and Maarten Appel are the musical founders of They are both working as a teacher at a primary school in The Netherlands. Besides that they share a profound passion for music. The ideal combinaties for a brilliant school song!

Working with children and a passion for music is the binding factor. They play multiple instruments and are both experienced musicians and composers. has acces to a professional studio where all the songs are produced and cooperates with a dancing teacher who makes choreographies. Listen to the examples of the songs in the portfolio section and read references of other primary schools.

Why choose a school song made by Because:
  • the school song will be one of a kind, written for your school only;
  • the song is made by real teachers, not marketing people;
  • the composition is created by experienced people who listen to the customer;
  • the song is recorded and produced in a professional studio;
  • it’s affordable.

What do we get when we order a school song?

  • A unique professionally recorded school song;
  • Memorable lyrics that capture your school’s identity
  • A version sung by a professional singer;
  • An instrumental version;
  • Digital chords of the song;
  • The school song on YouTube.