Have your own school song made by School-song.com

The writing and recording of a school song is very personal and also time-consuming. The lyrics should cover your school’s identity, be memorable and the music has to be composed and recorded properly. School-song.com can do all this work for you in 6 easy steps.

This is our procedure in 6 steps.

A custom made school song

School-song.com creates a unique song for each school in which the atmosphere, vision and characteristics of your school are clearly expressed. If you order a school song from School-song.com, we ask you to think about the following:

The music of the school song

A new song will be composed for you by School-song.com. If desired, you can specify a preference for a particular music style.
You can listen to all the examples of the school songs we have made for other schools in our portfolio.

The lyrics of the school song

School-song.com writes the lyrics in which the atmosphere, vision and characteristics of your school are clearly expressed. You always have the option to report any changes. The lyrics are only ready when you have given your approval.
To collect input for the text, we fully read your website and the school guide.

Workshop “Write your own school song lyrics” for students
To involve the team and all the children of the school in the creation of the lyrics of the school song, we offer schools the online workshop “Write your own school song lyrics” for free. In this workshop the students learn step by step how to write lyrics for a song. The workshop contains a digital lesson with instructional videos and a workbook.
At the end of the workshop, the self-written lyrics of the students and the team are bundled and sent to School-song.com. Based on these lyrics they will make the final lyrics for the school song. Who knows, maybe the children will find a piece of their lyrics in the new school song.

Extra options for your school song
It is also possible order a dance choreography and a promotion videoclip with your school song. See our portfolio page to view some examples.

What do we get when we order a school song?

  • A unique professionally recorded school song;
  • Memorable lyrics that capture your school’s identity
  • A version sung by a professional singer;
  • An instrumental version;
  • Digital chords of the song;
  • The school song on YouTube.