This is what other schools say about

Schoolsong primary school Heidepark, Lemelerveld – The Netherlands – February 2020
“Super, what a beautiful song it has become. Thank you for your smooth contribution to our wild plan to open our school with a song! And all in such a short time! Well done!”

Schoolsong primary school Spoorbuurt, Anna Paulowna – The Netherlands – October 2019
“What a nice and cheerful song !! The song lingers nicely and it’s easy to sing along! We are very happy with it! Thank you for the good translation of our supplied words into text and music!”

School song primary school Prinses Juliana, Gouda – The Netherlands – September 2019
“Thanks for the excellent cooperation! We are very satisfied with the song and the lipdub! Everyone enjoyes singing the song. We will certainly let the song come back often and next year we will kick off the year with a dance on the school song. There are many possibilities!”

School song primary school De Ark, Heemskerk – The Netherlands – March 2019
“Thank you very much for the cooperation in recent times. What a beautiful song and what a great result. The school song exactly tells the story of our school. We are proud of, and grateful for, our fantastic school song!”

School song primary school Opmaat, Nieuw-Vennep – The Netherlands – September 2018
“We have found the cooperation with particularly enjoyable. They think active and well with it. In addition, is very flexible in the process. The pupils are proud of their new school song and have enjoyed singing workshop.”

School song primary school Fortgensschool, Voorschoten – The Netherlands – April 2018
“As a school, we are very happy with our new school song! It’s hip, modern, contemporary and very happy! The lyrics fit exactly at our school. Both the song, the video clip and the dance instruction video are enthusiastically received by the children and the parents of our school.”

School song primary school ‘t Kompas, Werkendam – The Netherlands – April 2018
“During the open day, we wanted to present our new school with the pupils in an original way. We have received assistance from
The song was easy to learn and sing along for all children from 4 to 12 years.
Two teachers came up with a little dance and so it was straight a top hit, which offers indoor and outdoor growing. Jop made it all off to everything on video, and it was not long before our promotional clip was ready!
On the Open Day saw the children the clip for the first time and they loved it to all children from their school in all areas. Also all interested parties, which came to the new building to admire this day found the clip fantastic!
Hereby we would like to thank Maarten, Laurens and Jop for making this clip!”

School song primary school Parelmoer, Yerseke – The Netherlands – March 2018
“Our school has a school song! And what are we welcome it!
The guys of have the brainstorming sessions by the children and teachers translated into a beautiful, swinging song that fits with our school.
The children and teachers there are very excited about and but what proud that topics that they have figured out back can be heard in the song.
The cooperation with was a nice and easy!”

School song primary school De Klimbeam, Koudum – The Netherlands – January 2018
“The children and the team are very happy of this school song. The text fits perfectly at our school. Great how so aptly the supplied information.”

School song primary school De Driekleur, ‘s-Gravenzande – The Netherlands – September 2017
“We are very happy with the way our school song. From the children and the team we have got together with a song which we are proud. The captured video clip is exactly as desired. Top! Thanks for that!”

School song primary school Het Kompas, Voorschoten – The Netherlands – June 2017
“What an incredibly fun occur this afternoon of all children. A nice text applicable for Het Kompas!! I was quite touched when I saw so happy our children take part in the dance. If I now to think back it makes me immediately moved and happy! Congratulations to everyone who has helped to make this such a success!! Well done!”

School song primary school De Hoge Ven, Warmenhuizen – The Netherlands – May 2017
“During our week-long series of events we have the school song very much used. The text gives the weather where we as school for. It’s a real sing-along!”

School song primary school De Doelakkers, Hilvarenbeek – The Netherlands – February 2017
“Everyone jumps and sings along with our schoolsong.”

School song primary school Maria ter Heide, Mariaheide – The Netherlands – September 2016
“For the opening of our brand new school building, it was our desire to sing a schoolsong. Hip, modern, cheerful and suitable for all groups. We found a quick match with Nice how the successful captured the heart and soul of our school in words and music. Cool to see how excited the song is received at parents, children and staff.”

School song International Primary School Almere – The Netherlands – September 2016
“Many thanks to Maarten and Laurens. They did an excellent job on composing our School song. The International Primary School Almere now has a lovely song to sing during assemblies and special days. Children are learning to sing it now and they already smile when they hear the first tones of our song.”

School song primary school De Brug, Sint Maartensbrug – The Netherlands – May 2016
“The opening of our school was great! A well organized and very varied program with music, dancing and a spectacular closing! The schoolsong is sung with great enthusiasm sounds great, and suits our school.”

School song primary school De Snip, Nieuwe Niedorp – The Netherlands – April 2016
“We’re so happy with it, this song is how we are. Thank you guys so much!”

School song primary school Portland, Rhoon – The Netherlands – February 2016
“We have a great schoolsong! has used his talent to make a spectacular song.”

School song primary school De Prinsenakker, Bennekom – The Netherlands – August 2015
“The atmosphere of our school is well captured in the song. It’s really our song and stays in your head. We are going to use the song many times! Colleagues and children are very excited! “

School song primary school De Toermalijn, Driehuis – The Netherlands – June 2015
“ … you guys are great! What a super crazy, cool, super cool school song!!”

School song primary school De Kerkuil, Limmen – The Netherlands – May 2015
“We can open our new school on July 1, swinging …. a better start of the merge we couldn’t imagine! A-thank you so much-to for our fantastic song and the pleasant cooperation is certainly in place!”

School song primary school Ichthus, Apeldoorn – The Netherlands – April 2015
“We had a very good cooperation with The text is completely custom made. Every child can sing along and dance with this song! We are all very happy with the result.”

School song primary school St. Leondarus, Heemskerk – The Netherlands – Februari 2015
“We would like to thank for the fine cooperation. Appointments are fulfilled quickly and this has led to a wonderful school song. Flashy and exactly as we wanted as school!
A must have for all schools that want to see the image of the school translated in a at the appropriate school song.”

School song primary school De Meerkoet, Dirkshorn – The Netherlands – May 2014
“We thank for the good cooperation and especially the fantastic school song. This song gives a very good picture of our school, who we are, what we do and what we want.”

School song primary school Bello, Alkmaar – The Netherlands – February 2014
“The cooperation with is very good. They listen to the wishes of the school. The communication through the mail is fast and accurate. The agreements are fulfilled. Bello now has a beautiful private school song where they proud of.”