Why choose a school song made by School-song.com? Because:
  • the school song will be one of a kind, written for your school only;
  • it’s made by real teachers, not marketing people;
  • the composition is created by experienced people who listen to the customer;
  • the song is recorded and produced in a professional studio;
  • it’s affordable.

What do we get when we order a school song?

  • A unique professionally recorded school song;
  • Memorable lyrics that capture your school’s identity
  • A version sung by a professional singer;
  • An instrumental version;
  • Digital chords of the song;
  • The school song on YouTube.

If I want a school song, how long does it take for about before the school song is ready?
As soon as we have received the input for the lyrics, it takes about a month before the song is finished.

When I order a school song, what’s the process then?

1: Brainstorm
We ask your school to deliver a brainstorm with keywords that are characteristic for your school. What are your priorities, what’s is your motto, mission statement, what is unique about your school?
2: Writing the lyrics
School-song.com writes the lyrics on the basis of those keywords and information on your website.
3: Feedback and approval
We send the lyrics to your school to be approved. If desirable there can still be made some changes in the lyrics.
4: Writing and recording the music
When the lyrics are approved, a unique melody for the song will be written and recorded in our professional music studio.
5: Update
Your school will be kept informed of the recording process via email and social media.
6: The song is ready
When the school song is finished, it will be delivered in a sung and karaoke version. You will also receive the lyrics & chords and we put the school song on YouTube.